The institute has twelve different clubs to nurture talent and capabilities in extra-curricular activities among the students. The objective of club activities is to promote and support students to propagate and contribute to special occasion activities held at the Institute. Students take the responsibility to plan, organise, conduct, and review the events. This culture inculcates the spirit of teamwork and leadership amongst the students.

  • The contribution of Pharmacy profession in COVID 19 pandemic The emerging pandemic situation of COVID 19 have the potential
  • The root of radiation is nearly as ancient as the history of the creation of matter. Although the radiation
  • Medicinal products are launched into the market after having tested their efficacy during clinical trials. Starting from preclinical studies
  • The growth of research and innovations in the area of small molecules is stagnant now, so researchers have revived
  • Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) which is obtained from the wood of camphor tree, has been used for centuries and throughout
  • With the advancement of technology, humans’ aspiration, and quest to explore deep space are on the rise. Today, various
  • In this era of rapid spread of coronavirus, it has become a world-wide public health challenge. A severe pneumonia-associated
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and Antibiotic Discovery from India Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a serious global threat of growing concern
  • Across the globe every country has their own regulatory authority which is responsible for making guidelines to regulate drug
  • Stem cells are the cells, having ability to differentiate into specific cell types. There are two types of stem
  • Biochemistry is the science concerned with studying the various molecules that occur in living cells and organisms and with
  • Mankind has always looked at the blue sky and wondered about the exciting journey in the mysterious world. The
  • Have you ever thought that the component of detergents which clean dirt from the surfaces also helps medicines to
  • In this modern era humans are exposed to the radiations by means of space exploration, radiation therapy in cancer
  • Today, humans are successfully living and working in the space in one kind of permanent and large spacecraft, known
  • Current scenario of drug delivery is turning towards the application of long-acting parenteral which is also known as a

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