Bhumika Patel, Author at Institute of Pharmacy
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Educational Qualification


Research Area

    Computer Aided Drug Design, Design and Synthesis of Lead Candidates, HIV, Cancer, Diabetes, PARP Inhibitors, Solubility Enhancement of Lead Molecules, Wnt Signaling, Porcupine Inhibitors


  • Assistant Professor


  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

General Information

  • 07971652725

  • 103, Ground Floor, Faculty area, Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University


    Rational Drug Design and Synthesis , Computational Chemistry , Drug Design Software Handling


  • Dr Bhumika D Patel is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. She has around 14 years of teaching experience. She is a recognized PhD guide at Nirma University. She teaches various courses like Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Computer-Aided Drug Design, Biochemistry, etc at UG and PG level. At present, she is a coordinator of UG Research Council an Students' Projects at the Institute. Her area of research includes the rational design and synthesis of different heterocyclic compounds under various therapeutic classes like diabetes, cancer, HIV, etc. She has a sound knowledge of drug designing software like Sybyl, Discovery Studio, Gold, Schrodinger, etc. She has 19 international publications in reputed journals and 24 presentations in her credit. She presented a research poster at 257th ACS Annual Meeting and Exposition held at Orlando, Florida, USA during March-April 2019 for which she received full travel assistance from SERB, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Currently, she is working as CoPI on a Major research project on design and synthesis of Telomerase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer funded by Nirma University. She received Best Assistant Professor Award 2018-19 for the Overall Performance in Teaching, Co-Curricular Activities and Research from Nirma University. She completed one minor research project of GUJCOST and three MRPs of Nirma University. She has guided 19 PG students as a research guide/co-guide and currently guiding 2 PhD students under Nirma University. She is a life member of professional bodies like APTI, IPA, ISCB (Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists), RSSDI (Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India) ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education), etc.