Educational Qualification


Research Area

    Analytical method development and validation for API and formulations. Stability and degradation studies of pharmaceuticals. Phytochemical extraction with supercritical fluid


  • Assistant Professor


  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

General Information

  • 07971652725

  • 103, Ground Floor Faculty Area, Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University


    Pharmaceutical Analysis


  • Dr. Nrupesh is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Nirma University since January 2008. He is a team member in the consultancy project sponsored by Velocity Pharma, Ahmedabad. He has completed two minor research projects sponsored by Nirma University. He has 13 years of teaching experience. Currently, he is working on the consultancy project on He has completed 2 minor research projects sponsored by Nirma University. He has presented various posters and papers at international and national level conferences and competitions like GUJCOST-2004, ISAS-2005, NCIP, RBF-ZRC conference, NIPICON etc. He has published 11 papers in reputed international and national journals. His areas of research are spectroscopic and chromatographic analytical method development and validation of analytical methods. He is a life member of professional bodies like ISTE, APTI & IPA.

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