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Students’ Activities Committee

Students’ Activities Committee

Student Welfare Board (SWB) organises and looks after extra-curricular and extension activities of the students under the chairmanship of the Director General of Nirma University.

There is students’ activities committee at the Institute level, which coordinates these activities. Major activities organised by SWB with help of the Institutional committee are ROSTRUM-cultural festival, Annual Sports Competitions, Ramzat: Ras-Garba, Independence Day and Republic Day Celebration, Blood Donation Camp, Flag Day, Desh Rag, One Act Play, Photography competition and many more.

Institute-level Students’ Activities Committee Members

S No Name of member Designation Member
1 Dr Manjunath D Ghate Director, Institute of Pharmacy Chairman
2 Dr Tejal A Mehta
Dr Priti J Mehta
Dr Jigna Shah
Dr Hardik Bhatt
Dr Niyati Acharya
All Heads of the Department/Area Committee/Programme Chairman Member
3 Shri Ashishbhai Desai Hon HoD, Students Welfare Board, Nirma University of Department Member
4 Prof Jayesh Patel Officer In-charge, Students Welfare Board- NU Invitee
5 Dr Bhavesh Parekh Coordinator, Students Welfare Board- NU Member
6 Dr Bhagwati Saxena Coordinator, Cultural Activities Invitee
7 Dr Mohit P Shah Coordinator, Sports/Adventure Activities Invitee
8 Dr Mohit P Shah Coordinator, NSS Activities Invitee
9 Dr Mohit P Shah Coordinator, Extension/NCC Activities Invitee
10 Dr Bhoomika M Patel Coordinator, Students’ Activities (Nominated by HoI from Teaching staff) Member Secretary


Name of upto five students from UG Prosrammes from the Institution (to be nominated by the Head of the Institution)

S No Name of the Student & Roll No
Representation from
1 Puja Pradhan (18BPH074) Cultural Activities
2 Ayush Shah (18BPH001) Sports Activities
3 Rutvi Vaishnani (18BPH083) NSS Activities
4 Anirudh Raina (18BPH003) Extension Activities
5 Vidit Soni (18BPH099) Adventure Activities



Dr Bhoomika M Patel
Member Secretary, SAC
Phone: 079-71652718