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Student_Name Convo_Date Guide Name Topic
Khatri Hirenkumar Natvarlal 20/03/2021 Dr. Mayur M. Patel Formulation and Evaluation of Ligand Appended Lipid Nanoparticulate Systems for Oral Delivery of Anti-cancer Agents
Upadhyay Jagatkumar Rajendrakumar 20/03/2021 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Design, Syntheses & Biological Evaluation of Heterocycles Targetting DPP-4 for Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Prajapat Manali Dhanraj 20/03/2021 Dr. Shital Butani Design and Development of Drug Delivery Systems for Solubility Enhancement of Nimodipine.
Nimitt Virenbhai Chokshi 20/03/2021 Dr. Mayur M. Patel Formulation, Development and Characterization of Targeted Nano Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Tuberculosis
Bhayani Dhara Rajeshbhai 20/03/2021 Dr. Priti Mehta Effects of Ionizing Radiations on Stability of Selected Drugs and their Formulations
Viral Arvindbhai Patel 20/03/2021 Dr. Tejal Mehta Design and Development of Topical Nanoformulations for the Treatment of Fungal Diseases
Tejal Rawal 20/03/2021 Dr. Shital Butani Formulation Development of lung targeted drug delivery System for treatment of tuberculosis
Nitin Dwivedi 20/03/2021 Dr. Jigna Shah Development and Evaluation of Donepezil Loaded PEGylated Dendrimers for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Rajput Amarjitsing Premsinh 20/03/2021 Dr. Shital Butani Development of Nasal Lipidic Nanocarrier systems for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Patel Misari Dhruv 20/03/2021 Dr. Charmy Kothari Bio-analytical Method for the Combination of Lipid-Lowering and Anti-Hypersensitive Agents
Student_Name Convo_Date Guide Name Topic
Sharwan Kumar Singhal 18-04-2016 Dr. Bhaswat Chakraborty Toxic Signal Detection in Pharmacovigilance of Anticancer Drugs in Cancer Treatment
Somnath Chandrakant Sakore 18-04-2016 Dr. Bhaswat Chakraborty In Vitro And In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC) of Formulation Characteristics and Pharmacokinetics of Antihypertensive Drugs
Patel Amit Ambalal 21-10-2016 Dr. Tejal Mehta Formulation Development & Optimization of Effervescent Systems for Histamine Antagonists.
Kinjal Rahul Shah 21-10-2016 Dr. Tejal Mehta Development and evaluation of Taste masked Immediate Release Dosage forms of Lornoxicam
Hiral Dineshbhai Koradia 21-10-2016 Dr. Shital Butani Studies in oxcarbazepine modified release formulations using Quality by Design approach
Patel Bhumika Dipen 21-10-2016 Dr. Manjunath Ghate Rational Designing, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Antidiabetic Agents
Dadhaniya Tejaskumar Madhavji 21-10-2016 Dr. Priti Mehta Development and Analysis of Long Acting Depot Formulation for Pharmaceutical Use
Shah Unnati Ripalkumar 21-10-2016 Dr. Niyati S. Acharya Phytopharmacological Investigations of Bioactives From Symplocos racemosa Bark With Specific Reference to Anticancer Activity
Om Prakash Sharma 20-04-2017 Dr. Tejal Mehta Surface Modified Nanomaterials for Improving Solubility and Dissolution
Pandya Radhika Bhalchandra 20-04-2017 Dr. Tejal Mehta Dissolution of Enhancement of BCS Class II Drugs Using Herbal Technique of Solid Dispersion and Adsorption Employing the Concept of Quality by Design
Neeraj Kumar Sharma 20-04-2017 Dr. Vimal Kumar Formulation and Characterization of Photosensitive Liposomes of Anticancer Drugs
Jain Shailesh Vinodkumar 20-04-2017 Dr. Manjunath Ghate Design and Synthesis of DPP-4 Inhibitors as Anti-Diabetic Agents
Amal Kumar 20-04-2017 Dr. Bhaswat Chakraborty Use of Operational and Decisional Approaches in Clinical Pharmacology Research to Optimize Clinical Trial Management, Design and Analysis
Bhangale Jitendra Onkar 06-11-2017 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Study of novel scaffolds from natural product for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Shah Brijesh Maheshkumar 06-11-2017 Dr. Harish Padh Instranasal Colloidal Drug Delivery System For Brain Targeting Of Drugs
Thakare Vishnu Namdeorao 06-11-2017 Dr. Bhoomika M. Patel Pharmacological Evaluation of Silymarin and Protocatechuic Acid in Experimentally Induced Depression in Rodents
Saurabh Agarwal 06-11-2017 Dr. Bhoomika M. Patel Comparative study of Centrally acting muscle relaxants in spasticity associated with Post-stroke, Cerebral Palsy & Spinal Cord Injury
Shaikh Muhammad Vaseem 06-11-2017 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Targeting Drug resistant cancer stem-like cells using nanoparticles: A novel strategy for anticancer treatment
Bakrania Anita 06-11-2017 Dr. Snehal Patel Investigation and Evaluation of Interferon Inducer Alone and in Combination with Chemotherapeutic Agents as a Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapy
Thakur Sandeep Kumar 06-11-2017 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Identification of biomarkers for early detection of drug induced hepatotoxicity
Manika Kala 06-11-2017 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Role of stress and stress hormones on ovulation and implantation in mice: involvement of adrenals
Vrundaben Chetankumar Suthar 06-11-2017 Dr. Shital Butani Development and evaluation of self emulsifying drug delivery systems of Lercanidipine HCI to improve dissolution in bio-relevent media
Pravin Balasaheb Ranjana Nalawade 24-04-2018 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Design, Development and Characterization of Formulations of Selected Carotenoids with Improved Dissolution
Patel Nrupesh R 24-04-2018 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Analytical Method Development, Validation and Degradation Studies of Dosage Forms of Montelukast and Desloratadine
Khan MD Yaseen MD Yunus 24-04-2018 Dr. Vimal Kumar Phytopharmacological evaluation of ACE inhibitors from medicinal plants of Ayurveda
Tripathi Nagja V. 24-04-2018 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Development, Optimization And Evaluation Of A Polyherbal Formulation For Anti-Diabetic Activity
Sarvesh Sharma 24-04-2018 Dr. Vimal Kumar Co-encapsulated Liposome of Artemisinin Analogue and Curcumin for Cytotoxic Potential
Pithadia Anand Bharatkumar 24-04-2018 Dr. Shital Panchal Effect of Potassium Channel Openers in various Experimental Models of Ischemic Stroke and Related Disorders
Ingawale Deepa Krushna 24-04-2018 Dr. Snehal Patel Pharmacological Evaluation of Combination of Plant Steroids and Low Dose Glucocorticoid for Treatment of Inflammatory Disorders in Experimental Animals
Patel Jagruti Jaydevbhai 24-04-2018 Dr. Niyati S. Acharya Phytochemical and Pharmacological evaluation of Clerodendrum serratum roots with special reference to asthama
Shelat Devang Yogeshbhai 24-04-2018 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Development and Evaluation of Curcumin Peptide Concoction for Improving Brain Delivery and in-vivo Efficacy in Dementia Model
Nisha Hemantbhai Parikh 24-04-2018 Dr. Charmy Kothari Phythochemical & Pharmacological Investigation of Ocimum basilicum Seed
Ketan Tulsidas Savjani 24-04-2018 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Development and characterization of formulations of poorly soluble drug candidates
Shah Neha Surendra 22-10-2018 Dr. Tejal Mehta Formulation Development and Characterization of Multiparticulate System for Oral Fixed Dose Combination Therapy
Devendra Pratap Singh 22-10-2018 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Development of novel Drug Delivery Systems for the Management of NSAID-induced Gastroenteropathy: A Quality by Design (QbD) Approach
Prutha Nayan Patel 22-10-2018 Dr. Priti Mehta Microwave-Assisted Degradation Studies of Pharmaceuticals
Borisha Ankitkumar Chandrakantbhai 22-10-2018 Dr. Hardik Bhatt Design & Synthesis of Novel Pteridine Derivatives as Aurora Kinase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer
Chauhan Navneet Singh 22-10-2018 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Computational Studies and Design of Novel Molecules as Potential Glycogen Synthase Kinase Inhibitors
Modi Anuj Pramodkumar 22-10-2018 Dr. Vimal Kumar Investigation on Hepatoprotective Activity of Some Medicinal Plants
Pawar Neha Dilip 22-10-2018 Dr. Shital Panchal Pythopharmacological Evaluation of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Calyx with Special reference to metabolic disorder and cancer
Komal Vikas Chaudhary 20-04-2019 Dr. Priti Mehta Development and Analysis of Long Acting Parenteral Formulation
Sagar Sneha Rameshchandra 20-04-2019 Dr. Kamala Vasu Design and synthesis of novel imidazo-pyridine derivatives and their bioisosters in the management of Alzheimer’s Disease
Barai Priyal Sunilbhai 20-04-2019 Dr. Niyati S. Acharya Study of Mechanism of action of some neuroprotective agents from Indian Medicinal Plants
Patel Mitalben Nageshbhai 20-04-2019 Dr. Charmy Kothari Degradation study of Selected PDE 5 inhibitors and their marketed formulation by applying QbD approach
Mayuree Ashwinkumar Patel 20-04-2019 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Comparative evaluation of sodhan-dravyas used for sodhit Guggulu for the antihyperlipidemic potential
Raval Nisith Jayeshbhai 20-04-2019 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Formulation Development of Functionalized Brain Targeted Drug Delivery System for the Management of Cognitive Impairment
Chaube Udit Jaiprakash 16-10-2019 Dr. Hardik Bhatt Design And Synthesis of Novel mTOR Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents
Arora Bhoomi Saurabh 16-10-2019 Dr. Snehal Patel Investigation of Prediabetes and Obesity Prevalence and their Association with Various Risk Factors
Jha Abhishekkumar Brajeshkumar 16-10-2019 Dr. Shital Panchal Pharmacological investigation of Oryza sativa antioxidants in neurodegeneration.
Borse Swapnil 16-10-2019 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Multitarget Drug Discovery Approach for Diabetes Mellitus and Gastroenteropathy as its Comorbidity: Management with Metformin and Quercetin
Variya Bhaveshbhai Chhaganbhai 16-10-2019 Dr. Snehal Patel Unravelling molecular mechanism of action of gallic acid isolated from fruit juice of Emblica officinalis for its anti-diabetic and anti-hyperlipidemia potential
Student_Name Convo_Date Guide Name CoGuide Name Topic
Pund Swati V. 03-04-2011 Dr. Kamla Vasu Formulation and Characterization of Fixed Dose Combination of Rifampicin and Isoniazid – A novel approach to improve stability and bio availability
Mishra Renuka 03-04-2011 Dr. Avani Amin Studies in Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Rapidly dissolving Dosage Forms
Joshi Amita K. 03-04-2011 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Oral Modified Multiparticulate Drug Delivery System of the treatment of Tuberculosis
Chandra Mohana 03-04-2011 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Bioanalytical method development and validation of Selected Corticosteroids and Sex steroids, and its application to Chronopharmacokinetics
Shetty Raghvendra G. 03-04-2011 Dr. Vimal Kumar Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Liposome Formulation of Anticancer drug and its Pharmacokinetic and Toxicokinetic Evaluation
K. L. Krishna 10-11-2011 Dr. Jagruti Patel Dr. Tejal Shah Development and Pharmacological Evaluation of a Hepatoprotective Polyherbal Formulation
Savjani Jignasa K. 10-11-2011 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Design, Development and Pharmacological Screening of Novel Heterocyclic Molecules
Shah Vishal D. 10-11-2011 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Analytical method development of novel antihyperlipidaemic agents in combined dosage forms
Manna Kuntal 10-11-2011 Dr. Y. K. Agrawal Design and Synthesis of certain macromolecular legends or receptors and their Biological, Analytical activities
Patel Manish B. 06-04-2012 Dr. Jagruti Patel Dr. Shital Panchal Phytopharmacological investigation of some indigenous herbal plants
Rudolph Almeida 06-04-2012 Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Enantioselective Bioanalytical Method development and Validation of Selected Chiral Switches and Its Application in Pharmacokinetic Studies using Healthy Indian Volunteers
Patel Vineetkumar V. 26-11-2012 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Design and Evaluation of Oral Sustained Release Formulation for Lithium Carbonate and Venlafaxine Hydrochloride
Chaudhary Sunita A. 26-11-2012 Dr. Tejal Mehta Formulation Development and Evaluation of Quick Dissolving Oral Dosage Forms for drugs acting on the Central Nervous System
Dodiya Hitesh 26-11-2012 Dr. Avani Amin Dr. Tejal Mehta Formulation Design and Characterization of Novel Bio-adhesive Drug Delivery Systems for Antifungal Drugs
Shah Mohit Prakash 26-11-2012 Dr. Avani Amin Dr. Tejal Shah Development and optimization of alternative routes for calcium channel blockers enduring extensive first pass metabolism
Shah Nitesh N. 06-04-2013 Dr. Avani Amin Dr. Tejal Shah Formulation Optimization of Colonic Drug Delivery Systems
Khatri Deepak Mohanlal 06-04-2013 Dr. Priti Mehta Studies on stability Indicating Assay methods and impurity profiling of active pharmaceutical drugs
Joshi Rahul Prakash Rajani 06-04-2013 Dr. Kamla Vasu Profilling of process and degradation related impurities of bulk drugs and their formulations active against cardiovascular disorders and inflammation
Raghunatha P. 06-04-2013 Dr. Jagruti Patel Dr. Shital Panchal Pharmacokinetic Study of Hormones in Postmenopausal Women in India
Chudasama Arpan S 06-04-2013 Dr. Kamla Vasu Design and development of self emulsifying drug delivery system for nevirapine and itraconazole
Parikh Dhaivat C. 25-10-2013 Dr. Avani Amin Dr. Tejal Mehta Formulation Design and Optimization of Gastro-retentive drug delivery systems
Ghatak Somsuvra B. 03-04-2014 Dr. Shital Panchal Isolation, pharmacological evaluation and formulation development of a bio-active principle from crude oryza sativa bran oil
Patel Prerak Jayprakash 03-04-2014 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Design, Development & Evaluation of nanoparticulate carriers: A vector for treatment of refractory central nervous system disorders
Sherikar Omkar Diwakar 03-04-2014 Dr. Priti Mehta Study of degradation behavior of some active pharmaceutical ingredients
Patel Kunal Narayanbhai 03-04-2014 Dr. Tejal Mehta Formulation Development and Characterization of osmotically Controlled Oral Drug Delivery System for Sparingly Water Soluble Drugs
Patel Pranavkumar V. 18-10-2014 Dr. Shital Panchal Development of lipid based drug delivery systems (LBDDS) for immunomodulators and their evaluation using experimental animal models
Vivek Vyas 18-10-2014 Dr. Manjunath Ghate Design and Synthesis of Human Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase (hDHODH) Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents
Gandhi Dipal M. 25-04-2015 Dr. Priti Mehta Phytochemical Investigations on Dillenia Indica Linn. and Dillenia pentagyna Roxb.for Assessment of their Anticancer potential
Ranjeet Prasad Dash 25-04-2015 Dr. Manish Nivsarkar Pharmacokinetic Implications of Intestinal P-Glycoprotein in Diabetic Complications
Barot Kuldipsinh Piraji 12-12-2015 Dr. Manjunath Ghate Synthesis and QSAR studies of Benzimidazole analogues for antitubercular activity
R. V. Padmanabha Reddy 12-12-2015 Dr. Sanjeev Acharya Design, Development and Evaluation of Paclitaxel Nanoparticles for Intra Nasal Drug Delivery
Shah Rushil V 12-12-2015 Dr. Priti Mehta Development and optimization of liquid formulation of poorly water soluble drugs.
Student_Name Convo_Date Guide Name CoGuide Name Topic
Partha Jyoti Gogoi 28-03-2009 Dr. Y. K. Agrawal Studies on Medicinal Agents
Bhatt Hardik G. 12-10-2009 Dr. Y. K. Agrawal Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Pharmacologically Active Compounds
Biradar Yougesh S. 21-11-2010 Dr. M. Rajani Dr. Harish Padh Evaluation of anti-malarial activity of selected plants of Indian system of medicine and study the synergistic activity of the compounds present therein
Gohil Kashmira J. 21-11-2010 Dr. Jagruti Patel Dr. Anuradha Gajjar Pharmacological Investigation of Clinically Important and Potential Herbal Drug Interactions
Patel Mayur M. 21-11-2010 Dr. Avani Amin Design, Development and Optimization of Colon Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

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