Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University organises national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia. The international conference, “Nirma Institute of Pharmacy International Conference” (NIPiCON) and National Conference “National Conference of Institute of Pharmacy” (NCIP) are organized every alternate year. These conferences aims to cater a knowledge sharing experience in various areas of pharmaceutical sciences with emerging trends and innovative approaches in the benchmark drug discovery process, nutraceuticals, medical devices along with Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Phytopharmaceuticals & Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Molecular Pharmacology, Community Pharmacy & Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights.

In addition to these conferences, many national seminars, like Recent Advances in Drug Discovery, Interpretation of Spectral Data, etc. and various workshops on Instrumental Method of Analysis, Hands-on Computer-Aided Drug Design Software, Novel Drug Delivery Methods, etc. are also organised by the Institute.

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