Idea Lab

Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University conducts “IdeaLab” for the last four years to promote creative activity at the Institute by funding the testing and implementation of novel ideas of the students. Early hands-on experience provides opportunities for enthusiastic and passionate freshmen to join the group. In this endeavour, the students are also being guided and mentored by the faculty.

This type of activity mainly encourages young minds to think about real-time problems and their solutions through innovative projects. Funding is given to the projects that are technically and exploratory with a potential impact on pharmacy, science, technology, industry, environment and social benefits. IdeaLab welcomes the ideas that are multi-disciplinary, involving students from multiple departments of different institutes. This kind of activity is required to develop overall expertise in terms of various skills like technical skills, conceptual skills, planning, decision making, troubleshooting, etc. The Institute has given funding to the following projects

  • Veterinary de-wormer implant for 1 year protection from worms
    Duration: Nov, 2018 to Oct, 2019
  • Development of microsphere based facewash of anti-acne agents
    Duration: Nov, 2018 to Oct, 2019
  • Evaluation of various MiRNA/mRNA involved in cancer stem cell differentiation of triple negative breast cancer
    Duration: Nov 2018 to April, 2019
  • Auto-titrator
    Duration: Nov, 2017 to Nov, 2018
  • Development and characterization of multipurpose sanitizer spray
    Duration: Nov, 2017 to Nov, 2018
  • Development and characterization of Mouth Freshener using Natural Agent
    Duration: Oct, 2016 to Oct, 2017
  • The semiautomated remote controlled device
    Duration: Oct, 2016 to Oct, 2017
  • Development of diagnostic strip: A non-invasive technique for the diagnosis of Phenylketonuria
    Duration: Mar, 2015 to Mar, 2016
  • Fabrication and evaluation of Medicated Chewing Gum: An Alternative approach for Oral drug delivery
    Duration: Mar, 2015 to Mar, 2016
  • To investigate the properties of immobilized phenylalanine ammonia lyase and its use for the determination of phenylalanine in urine
    Duration: Dec, 2014 to Apr, 2015
  • Formulation of orally disintegrating tablet with aid of wet granulation along with taste masking of zolmitriptan for the management of migraine.
    Duration: Dec, 2014 to May 2015

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