UG Research

The Nirma University provides platform to the students for their overall development. In line with the University Research Policy, Institute of Pharmacy also envisages basic, applied and societal relevant research apart from conducive learning. Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University has established Undergraduate Research Council to encourage interest of UG students in research related activities. These activities include guidance for innovative ideas, engaging students into practical and real life problem solving and nurture their creativity. This initiative is to engrave curiosity and support the students in research by providing the egis of mentors and pursue multi-disciplinary research in Pharmaceutical Sciences.


  1. To promote UG research and related activities.
  2. To help UG students in understanding the importance of research.
  3. To facilitate students with eminent mentors for discussions and understanding the research problem and writing scientific problem definition.
  4. To involve students in research domain of their interest, training through PG/Ph.D. counterpart or handholding by doctoral students.
  5. To allocate a faculty and senior student as mentor to support interdisciplinary groups and developing network among peer groups.
  6. To nurture the ideas through financial support under Idea Lab.
  7. To promote student exchange with reputed organizations of India and abroad.

Expert sessions arranged under UG Research Council:

  1. Dr. Amirali Popat, Director of Research, School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland, Australia delivered a talk on “Basics of Scientific Writing: Review and Research Article” on 5/10/20.
  2. Dr. Anurag Maheshwari, Regulatory Affairs Executive, Prime Health Limited, BC Canada delivered a talk on “How to pursue Career in Pharmaceutical Research” on 09/11/2020.
  3. Dr. Nikita Kheradiya, R & D Associate, Verdure Science. Inc, Noblesville, IN, USA delivered a talk on “Natural Product Research: An Industrial Perspective” on 6/2/2021.



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