Shruti Rawal

Ms. Shruti U. Rawal, pursuing her doctorate degree (PhD in pharmaceutical sciences) under the guidance of  Dr. Mayur M. Patel at Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, has contributed to the scientific community through her recent publication entitled  “Threatening cancer with nanoparticle aided combination oncotherapy” in  Journal of controlled release, Elsevier® (Impact factor: 8.683). Journal of controlled release, Elsevier® is a renowned scientific journal for pharmacy professionals that grant an opportunity to eminent scientific researchers worldwide to disseminate updated scientific knowledge through publications.

The authors of this article aim to draw attention of researchers and oncologists on novel aspects pertaining to an entirely new concept of combining drugs and nanomedicine to circumvent challenges associated with dreadful disease like cancer. This publication, at present is at the leading front (highest impact factor article) out of several other articles published by researchers affiliated to Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University.

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