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Pharmaceutics, a multidisciplinary science is associated with the development, production, and characterisation of dosage forms/drug delivery as well as the disposition and action of drugs in the body. Department of Pharmaceutics offers courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Students are trained towards the basic concepts to the latest developments in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology as per the need of society. The department works towards promoting a strong multidisciplinary, team-based approach to drug delivery, embracing a variety of activities in the broad area of drug formulation and delivery. The faculty members and students at the department contribute to research through funded projects, industrial projects, consultancy, etc. to formulate novel formulations.

The Department of Pharmaceutics has state-of-the-art facilities that are as per the evolving needs of the pharmacy profession i.e. the pharmaceutical and health care industry. The laboratories are well equipped with various sophisticated machinery required for imparting knowledge to the students regarding various formulations, processing and testing equipment used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, semi-solids, parenteral and novel drug delivery systems like osmotic, colon targeted, gastro-retentive, buccal, transdermal, nasal, nanoparticulate etc. The laboratories provide the students with facilities and training for the formulation, design and development of the various dosage forms.

The faculty members and the students of the department participate in research to formulate new medications. Many students registered for the PhD Programme in the Department of Pharmaceutics are receiving research fellowships from DST- Women Scientist Fellowship, INSPIRE-DST, CII,  CSIR, Prime Minister Fellowship as well as Nirma University. The faculty members in the department are also actively involved in research projects of GUJCOST, BRNS, Nirma University and have published several patents. The students and faculty have published many research papers and reviewed articles in referred international and national journals. This includes peer-reviewed International Journals like Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery Technology, Dissolution Technology, AAPS Pharmaceutical Sciences, Current Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Technology, PDA, etc.

The department regularly organizes several events like workshop on modern equipment for formulation development, National seminar on recent trends in Injectable drug delivery systems, Hands-on-Training for modern equipment for pharmaceutical technology, National seminar on Quality-by-Design (QbD) for pharmaceutical research, Seminar/Workshop on particle size engineering for nano drug delivery systems etc.

The faculty members and research students have received PharmaInnova Best Thesis award from Rajanibhai Patel Foundation, best paper awards from APTI, IDMA, EVONIK EUDRAGIT, etc. The faculty members have presented several research works at various international conferences in USA, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, etc.

  • Formulation development and characterization of a novel, targeted, nano particulate and microparticulate drug delivery system using QbD approach,
  • Dissolution enhancement techniques for poorly soluble APIs