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The contribution of Pharmacy profession in COVID 19 pandemic

The contribution of Pharmacy profession in COVID 19 pandemic

The emerging pandemic situation of COVID 19 have the potential impact on the public health globally. As per WHO till date 113,820,168 people infected and 2,527,891 died because of coronavirus infection. Apart from loss of life many country is in economic crises due to this pandemic since last year. Scientist from various stream are being involved in discovering remedies for the infection control and treatment of coronavirus.  As the health care professional the contribution of scientist from pharmaceutical sector is focused in this section.

Role of Pharmacist

According to The Pharmacy Act 1948 the registered pharmacist is a person who have entered his name in the register of pharmacist of state or center. Not only in India but also worldwide the registered pharmacist contributed a lot during the COVID 19 pandemic situation and many countries recognise them as front line health care service provider. The hospital pharmacist plays a crucial role during the hospitalisation of COVID 19 patients beginning from the medication, personal care to the proper distribution of vaccine to desired patients. Many registered pharmacists died due to coronavirus infection while serving for the people.

Role of Pharmaceutical Researchers

Actually the hope for the treatment of coronavirus infection have been started from the results of antiviral medicines like Remdesivir. Hence USFDA approved it for the treatment of SARS-CoV- 2 virus. The researchers from pharmaceutical academic institutes as well as from pharmaceutical industries are contributing to develop the vaccine and remedies for the coronavirus. The pharmaceutical researchers contributed from identification of viral structure to the development of viable drug delivery system for coronavirus. The efforts of pharmacy field in the development of vaccines for SARS-CoV- 2 virus are remarkable.

Pharmaceutical industries

According to Vladimir Norov (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Secretary-General) the Indian pharmaceutical industries plays the role of “Pharmacy of World” in the COVID 19 pandemic situation. India was the largest supplier of the medicine to fight against COVID 19, approximately 133 countries has received the medicines from Indian pharmaceutical industries during pandemic. During this pandemic situation Indian pharmaceutical research as well manufacturing sector sparked due to the notable contribution in vaccine development and strategic planning for drug discovery.  Many pharmaceutical industries in coordination are developing the research portfolio data for potential treatment for SARS-CoV- 2 and other viral infections.

The hope

In the COVID 19 and other pandemic situation the pharmacy sector is playing a key role starting from the drug development to the dispensing of pharmaceuticals to patient within the ethical framework. The contribution of pharmacy sector in health care profession is always worth noting but it’s being unrevealed to common public. This pandemic situation highlighted the social contribution of pharmacy field and hope it will remain as such in future.

Author: DJ Yadav, Research Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry