The institute has twelve different clubs to nurture talent and capabilities in extra-curricular activities among the students. The objective of club activities is to promote and support students to propagate and contribute to special occasion activities held at the Institute. Students take the responsibility to plan, organise, conduct, and review the events. This culture inculcates the spirit of teamwork and leadership amongst the students.

  • Kabaddi club encourages kabaddi enthusiasts to display their passion for kabaddi. Students are encouraged to make a positive contribution Read More
  • Kho-kho club encourages and supports the members of the club to show their passion for the sport. Each member Read More
  • Volleyball club is a group of volleyball enthusiast that provides them a platform to display their passion and skills Read More
  • Cricket Club provides a friendly environment to their members to nurture their talent and passion for this game. It Read More
  • Music clubs encourage, share and support their members and community. Music Club enables students to show their talents and Read More
  • Design Club is the platform to help unify as well as involve students actively in the work of graphic Read More
  • The Drama Club aims to provide an introduction to drama, self-expression and acting skills for the students. It allows Read More
  • The Club aims to create awareness and motivation among the students for entrepreneurial opportunities. It works on developing the Read More
  • Dance Club encourages, shares, supports and teaches dance to its members. It enables the students to show their talents Read More
  • Gyan Samhita, the Literature Club of Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, intends to bring out the literary talents of Read More
  • Talent, creativity, productivity and achievement are terms that define the Art and Craft Club. The club members experiment with Read More
  • Photography Club is a group of photography enthusiasts that enables to connect the like-minded photographers and provides them a Read More
  • NIPSA is the student’s association of the Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University. The association is operated and managed by Read More