Executive Diploma Programme

Institute of Pharmacy is offering “Executive Diploma Programme in Pharmaceutical Management” for working professionals in the pharmaceutical sector. This highly focused, executive diploma program is designed by keeping in mind target professionals who get a unique opportunity to upgrade their knowledge with the continuation of service. The programme is comprehensive, well balanced and designed to allow candidates to interact with eminent faculties, renowned experts of pharmaceutical industries and entrepreneurs on key issues influencing pharmaceuticals and the health science sector. The programme aims at augmenting knowledge and acquiring analytical skills which help in better managing various processes related to pharmaceutical product development in relevant areas. The programme is conducted on every Sunday to provide the industry culture of a conducive environment, formal learning to the working professionals with comfort of schedule and a convenient time for studies.


The Executive Diploma Programme allows the candidates to understand the pharmaceutical business systematically, updating for the latest developments in their area of management and deal with greater business responsibilities and challenges in managing various domains like R&D, Operations, IPR, Finance, Marketing, etc.

The key objectives of the programme are:

  • Develop technically sound and intellectual personnel by imparting knowledge on recent development in various areas of management
  • Acquire leadership skills to keep in front in this global innovation scenario
  • Build skills in planning & operating pharmaceutical processes, acquiring consultancy skills and solving emerging problems in concern areas
  • Enhance decision-making skills during working on critical issues and challenges observed in respective fields.

Pharmaceutical Management

Term I

1 R & D Management
2 GMP and Pharmaceutical Validations
3 Principles of Management

 Term II

1 IPR in Pharmaceuticals
2 Organisation Behaviour
3 Accounting for Decision Making

 Term III

1 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Pharmaceutical Management
2 Marketing Management
3 Project / Dissertation


Duration 33 Sundays (Including Examination)
Term Structure 3 Terms each having 3 courses
One Term 11 Sundays having a total input of 60 hours and examination time of 6 hours
One Course 2 Credit hours (20 Contact hours)
One Credit hour 10 Contact hours
Total Credit 18 Credit hours requirement

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